Helen Joseph Hospital

Rebuilding the interior and exterior of the hospital

Raubex Limited, through its subsidiary, Raubex Building, began with renovations to the Helen Joseph, located in Auckland Park, in ____. Work began in ____after the Gauteng Department of Health awarded the work to Raubex after concluding the tender process.

The project includes a complete refurbishment of both the interior and exterior of the nurses' residence at the Helen Joseph hospital. The scope of work includes demolition of certain walls, ________ installation of new electrical and plumbing systems, framing and drywalling, painting, installation of fixtures, flooring and lastly trim finishes and finish work.

The Helen Joseph nurse's residence has a total of _ floors, each with on average ___ units. OMV (Pty) Ltd and Metadynamics (Pty) Ltd, divisions of Raubex, are responsible for providing various construction materials and finishing plasters. The use of products from companies within the Raubex stable has resulted in significant cost savings being passed on to the client. Furthermore, due to the rapid application procedure, we were able to save on time.

It is estimated that the following products will be used:
__tons/bags of Metacote;
__tons/bags of Metajoint;
_tons/bags of ___;
_tons/bags of ___;

The Raubex group of companies are proud to supply cost-effective products to this renovation project. Our commitment to providing high-quality service means our clients will enjoy smooth and strong walls for years to come.